The 400,000 children in foster care in the United States are immensely underserved and often experience outcomes like: high rates of incarceration, mental health challenges, teenage pregnancy, and an exponentially increased probability of being trafficked. To care for these children, we lean into partnerships with churches and organizations, knowing that together we can make a greater impact.

Since the beginning, our approach has been to collaborate first and understand what is being done, then determine needs and develop partnerships. This goal of caring for vulnerable children isn’t possible in isolation. We recognize the need for collaboration and work diligently to build partnerships with others working toward our same vision.

This partnership is called The C127 Network: a group of churches and organizations that are committed to obeying the mandate of God “to care for the orphans in their distress.” 




We help our church partners and affiliates implement a step-by-step model called Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs). As part of The C127 Network, our partners receive training, resources, and ongoing staff support from Commission 127.

We are providing support systems for foster & adoptive families, and biological families in crisis. While focusing on Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties, we also support churches and organizations in other counties, allowing the greater potential to reach more kids and families.

We currently have trained over 80 advocates representing over 30 churches and greatly recognize how the value of collaboration dramatically impacts what we do each day.

If you represent a church or nonprofit organization that might be interested in joining the C127 Network, we’d love to hear from you!