The road to fostering can seem daunting at times. Yet, each step ensures that children from backgrounds of loss or trauma are placed in homes with well-informed, caring parents who have committed to providing a nurturing environment unique to the concerns of fostering. With this in mind, Commission 127 helps bring hope and guidance along the way and into your fostering experience. 

While Commission 127 seeks to help families begin fostering within the context of a church ministry, some families will desire to start fostering before their church has a Foster Care Ministry in place.  Prayerfully consider taking the next step towards fostering and let us and your church know of your exciting journey.

While you wait for this process, consider reading a book called Ready or Not by Pam Parrish. It’s a wonderful resource if you are just beginning the consideration of saying YES to kids from hard places.

Steps to becoming a foster parent in Orange, Osceola or Seminole Counties:

  • Call Jen at Embrace Families at 407-412-2508 to learn when the next classes are offered.
  • Get registered for an upcoming 10-week training class.
  • Complete paperwork packet (including background checks and fingerprinting) and submit back to Jen before the first date of your class.
  • Attend each of the 10 weeks of training. 
  • Have a home visit and ensure you have all of the requirements completed for getting your home ready.
  • Approved (licensure) by Embrace Families.
  • Receive first placement
NOTE: THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO 6-9 MONTHS. Don’t let this discourage you. That is not indicative that there are enough foster homes in our area. There are not. Especially for sibling groups and teenagers. The need is great and your willingness to love is greatly needed in our local community. 

Additional Requirements After Approval:

  • Continuing Education Requirements – 15 hours or more per person annually