Spotlight Church: Genesis Church

Some churches turn inward in a time like this, trying to figure out how to operate in new ways and are worried about starting something new. Genesis Church is not that church. Led by lead pastor Tim Grandstaff, Genesis stepped into this space, not just with a desire to be part of this movement to love fostering families well, but also surprised us around the holidays with a check to help support foster families through Commission 127.  


Even during this pandemic, Genesis doesn’t wait around. Eager to not only strengthen the team around a current foster family in their church, they also want to grow their volunteers to support a family about to begin fostering next month. Led by a couple in their church who received training with us last year, they have all of the support and tools they need to launch this ministry – even if that means virtually right now. Pastor Tim feels passionate this is the right important, even now. “It’s biblical…anytime there is an opportunity to recognize something isn’t right in this world, the church should be the first to respond. Children without a home is an issue the church must respond to. Coming beside foster families is an opportunity to do just that and support those who have really jumped in the trenches to bring hope for these children.” 


Most Pastors wear so many hats in ministry and aren’t looking for another thing to be responsible for. The model C127 equips churches with is why this ministry has been so successful in Central Florida. These ministries are led by lay leaders already in their church body who have a passion for vulnerable kids. “The foundation C127 helps build is vital and crucial to the success of this endeavor. Having an organization with a vision, a strong strategy, and passion for children to provide help in a need larger than anyone one person is invaluable. The information, the transparency, and the urgency of the mission help to rally our church around this cause and do our part to bring about change in our city has been so helpful.”


And change the city is what Genesis Church hopes to be part of. Especially now in this time of crisis for so many families. He says, “Proverbs 3:5-6 reminds us to “lean not on your own understanding, but in all our ways acknowledge Him”. This time in which you have decided to pour out yourself on behalf of another is Kingdom work and because of that the enemy will come full force to try and stop it. It is critical that you draw close to God, stay grounded in his Word, be connected to your local church, and allow God to guide you.” He encourages others to do that “even when you don’t fully understand all that you are doing, feel like you may be doing it wrong, or want to give up, keep pressing in. The enemy would love to see fear keep someone from moving forward and it’s evidence that what you are doing matters now and for eternity.” 


When asked how someone should proceed if they’re feeling led to serve in this way, Pastor Tim says, “Pray fist. Do nothing apart from prayer. Know that what God is placing in your heart will be confirmed by Him.Trust that if he is the one placing it, he will be the one to provide it. Also understand that with C127 and the help of the Church, God is preparing an opportunity for you…And the best part of all is that you don’t have to do it alone, you get to experience it TOGETHER with others who want to help.”


Do you or your church want to get involved to support foster families? Contact Betsey at 407-619-4047 or email at Because kids belong in families. And while not all are called to foster, ALL are called to care.